What’s the Best Tree Service in Will County?

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Do you need a tree cut down at your commercial or residential property? Contact the crew at C and L Tree Services Inc. Our arborists are some of the most accomplished in the western part of Illinois. We can remove individual trees or clear entire lots.

Need to keep the home fires burning? Our crew can cut your tree into firewood.

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4 common reasons to get a tree removed

4 common reasons to get a tree removed

Are you wondering whether or not taking down a tree is the wise choice? Here are three of the most common reasons property owners hire Beecher, IL’s C and L Tree Services:

  1. Proximity to the home. Don’t risk having a heavy tree fall on your home during a storm!
  2. Proximity to a power line. Your neighbors will be irritated if your tree takes down a power line.
  3. Signs of rot or disease. Dying trees are more prone to falling over in a high wind.
  4. Lightning damage. You’ll most likely need to remove a tree that’s been struck by lightning.

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