I got several quotes to remove three trees from my yard. One very large tree in my front yard, two in the back and trim the remaining tree there. One quote was extremely pricey because I had no easy access to the yard. one would only quote the front tree and would not attempt the back. Then I called C & L not only was his price the best, but they took down all three and trimmed the one left in the back yard without having to have the electric lines moved. They cleaned everything up and moved back plants and the dog pen back to their original spot. I will recommend them over and over again.

Denene R.

These guys were just amazing. They cut down 5 tress in about 2 1/2 hours and cleaned up everything afterwards. Even put the planters and my BBQ grill back into place. For the price, they are more than worth it. Would recommend them to anyone looking for tree removal.

Cory W.

Skilled, knowledgeable, and professional crew with the right tools and fair prices. Can't go wrong.

David J.

These guys were hands down the best contractors I've ever hired! Their work, their follow-up, their pricing and their customer service were all fantastic! I will recommend them every chance I get!

Annika K.

Highly recommend! Awesome work! Fast and efficient! Thanks guys!

Lisa B.

From a old giant tree to nothing not even a stump in 1 day

Brad K.

Best men to hire for any job you need! They can accomplish anything!

Alyssa O.

Best in the area! Their work and customer service are excellent.

Kristy V.

Best tree service around

Jake Z.